Best Transactional Bulk SMS Service Provider

Best Transactional SMS Services in Saudi are sent by a company to their clientele to convey some urgent information which is important for them. Best example for understanding transactional sms services is when a bank sends a SMS to their customers about their recent transactions or account balance in case an online transferable is done. We can also talk about a school sending an SMS to parents giving them information about their child’s attendance.

So to be typically speaking these are non-marketing text messages sent to a large number of customers for supporting them and providing better services. As for example online shopping sites sends SMS regarding to the delivery updates or order pickup etc. These transferable SMS are sent via Web Panel, API, Excel Plugin or a SMPP platform. Transactional SMS are vital to streamline an upcoming or a well settled business

Advantages of Transactional SMS


Our Best in Class Support is Available 24×7×365.

Instant Delivery

Instant Delivery as we are directly connected with all three major operators – STC, Mobily & Zain.

DND & Non-DND Numbers

These messages can be sent to both DND and non-DND numbers.


These messages can be delivered at any time

Transactional Bulk SMS Services

Bulk SMS comes up with a feature like having your business name as your sender’s ID i.e. up to 11 characters in number and it provides an additional advantage also that allows us to send SMS on both DND and NON-DND numbers. Using services of these Transactional SMS service providers you can automatically send order confirmation, delivery updates, and appointment reminders etc. API (Application program interface) is a bundle of routines, protocols, and tools for building software and applications. Now these sets are used in case of transactional SMS or Bulk SMS. Also, these transferable Bulk SMS gateway and API are proved to be beneficial over the other means to cover a large audience at a single click. A transferable SMS or Bulk SMS services provider let us personalise our SMS with Names or custom fields, compose in various languages. They help to automate sending and receiving SMS from any Application or website. They allow us to attach any file with our SMS content to grab consumer attention. Bulk SMS are sent for more than one recipient through various platforms such as etc. These can include millions of recipients in case of informational broadcast. These bulk SMS are used by global enterprises, developers, NGOs for various purposes. Collectively considering all the providers everyone wants to choose the best among all, among these all the providers SaudiBulkSMS is No.1 service provider available in Saudi Arabia for these services and related services.

Transactional SMS Gateway Features

Schedule SMS For Future

Send SMS On All NDNC Numbers

User Friendly SMS Portal

Group Messaging

No Time Restriction

Send SMS With Brand Name

Lightening Fast Delivery

Template Based Delivery

Transaction SMS Uses

Identity Verification

With our Transactional SMS service for verification of your identity, you can enable account activation which not only increases security but also peace of mind. People who sign in or register receive a One Time Password requiring them to verify their account by entering the verification code on their device.

Shipping/ Delivery/ Pickup Notifications

Transactional SMS for notifying Shipping/Delivery or Pickup related information and keep the customer updated on their mobile device. This creates a sense of trust and helps maintain that relationship.

Real-time Alerts

So as you know calls can be easily missed, and because only 22% of emails are actually opened, and thus customers won’t be able to act in a timely manner which may have some consequences. Thus real-time text alerts combine important information with immediacy like a flight time change, or a table being ready, or some credit card activity can be done using transactional SMS.

How Can You Use Our Transactional SMS?

OTP SMS For Verification

Send your OTP SMS using Saudi Bulk SMS. These can be used at places where you can use it for verification of user identity.

Financial Information

Use our Transaction SMS for sharing important financial information such as Payment Transfers, Credits and Debits.

E-Commerce Updates

Use our Transaction SMS's for updates on E-Commerce Website such as Order Confirmation, Order Delivery and Return Confirmations.